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Learning is a continuous process which goes on throughout life and one should not be afraid to face new challenges and take the opportunity to learn something new with open arms and whole heart. We learn something new on a daily basis even if it is not realised and this process continues till death. However, it is only when we direct the learning process in one direction that it becomes a ladder to reach the desired goals. I call it Focused Learning and trust me, it can help people achieve unimaginable things.

However, learning has become one of the big challenge for the students when they do not have enough time, money, guidance and resources to pursue their goals in life. Their families want them to achieve something big, but they fail to guide the youth about what they need to learn, what courses they need to take and the position they want to achieve. How to prepare There are coaching centres that provide coaching to crack certain government jobs i.e. Indian Army, Air Force, Police Force, Railways etc.

Also, there are some coaching centres that provide spoken English or other certifications coaching and claim that they can give techniques to anyone to learn English or any other skill within 45 days. Three months or six months time which seems unrealistic. But if you look at the success rate of these institutes, you will find that even 10% of the students are not able to do government jobs and the proportion of students who attend English coaching or any other course is even worse. So, what are the options for youth in rural areas if they are not able to get good jobs (government jobs or jobs in private sectors)? 20% of them work as labourers in local factories, where they have to work 12-hour shifts and get very low wages.

Others do it not of their own accord in farming but because they have nothing else to do and they weaken themselves. They are so afraid of the idea of ​​learning something new that they don’t even try. They simply accept their fate saying that this is not my cup of tea.

Our motto is to help these people and teach and make them aware of the skills they need to build their career, and help them achieve goals they once found impossible to achieve.

“Actions are far better than sitting ideal and thinking of Big”

Thank you!