How To Become ca After 12th A Complete Guide 2023.

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Charted accountant is the dream of every business student. It is a highly reputed course in the business sector. Courses with lucrative financial rewards, unexpected fame and untold challenges.

Most of the students who do commerce with maths till 12th dream of becoming a CA, but students who do commerce without maths are also very interested in CA course.

Many students want to know whether they can become a CA after class 12th with or without maths. So the answer to this question is yes.

In this article, we will show you how to become a CA for 12th trade whether you know maths or not. And talk about how a non-maths student might pursue this course and the challenges of their journey. Let’s talk more about the challenges for maths and non-maths students, but before that, let’s look at general course requirements.

The entire CA course is divided into four phases –

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate
  • Practical training for 3 years,
  • CA Final

Institute of Chartered Accountants has revised its syllabus and replaced the entry level CPT (Common Proficiency Course) with CA Foundation. given, making it more challenging for the upcoming students.

How to become a CA after 12th commerce?

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Students can do this course after the 12th examination. You can obtain the register for CA Foundation Examination after appearing in the 12th examination and having passed the 12th examination constituted by law or recognized by the Central Government and shall be eligible to appear for the foundation examination after a study period of four months.

The CA Foundation course consists of four subjects. Out of which the paper pattern of two will be subjective and two will be objective. The objective paper pattern consists of Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics in one paper. The best part is that the paper pattern for Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics is still objective where students can try their luck. Negative marking will continue in the objective paper. However, for each wrong answer, only marks will be deducted and each correct answer will help you score one mark.

To crack this exam students need to score 40% marks in individual subjects and 50% marks in aggregate in all subjects. So, if you want to crack this exam and take admission in a Chartered Accountancy course, you need to clear this paper also by securing minimum 40% marks.

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CA course after 12th commerce with maths

Maths students from maths background in class 12th will definitely get the advantage of cracking the entry level of Chartered Accountancy course ie. CA Foundation. Since the syllabus of Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Business Statistics is almost the same as you have studied in your senior secondary classes. So, you will get benefit or relief from the preparation of a subject.

CA course after 12th without maths

If you are a non-maths student then they can also do a CA course. Though it is a bit more difficult for non-mathematics students as compared to maths students in CA Foundation exam, the journey ahead will be equally challenging for both the students.

It does not mean that for further levels ie. CA Intermediate and CA Final you will not go to face any practical subject. Apart from accounts under Chartered Accountancy course, finance and cost will always be the main subjects where a lot of challenging amounts are welcome.

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How to prepare for the CA Foundation Maths Exam?

CA foundation maths paper is divided into three sections one is maths, second is statistics and third is logical reasoning. In addition to maths, the other two sections can be scored for non-maths students. The Logical Reasoning section carries 20 marks and the other two sections divide the remaining marks equally among themselves, i.e. 40 marks.

Being the easiest section, questions in statistics are a bit lengthy as there are huge calculations involved. And logical reasoning is also the scoring part. The fear in solving these sections is the silly mistakes and the time taken to solve the questions. But it is no longer a school. ICAI does not want you to do labor work. You don’t have to calculate by hand.

12 marks calculator is allowed in the CA exam. The only thing you have to do is learn the grep command on the calculator using M+, M-, G etc. This will save you a lot of time and thus you can easily attempt the mains and crack the entry level.

As you know ICAI has given a minimum study period of four months after registration to appear in the foundation exam. So it would be better if you join coaching for this subject. Proper guidance is necessary from the right Guru who can judge your potential and give you the right advice.

Once you clear this entrance exam the next levels to come in your journey are CA Intermediate and CA Final. As we have already discussed that apart from Accounting, Finance and Costing are the main subjects in this course. It is always better to join coaching for further levels.

The above guidance is only for CA Foundation, assuming you love accounts but only have a fear of maths.

Now, what if one is really bad at maths but still wants to become a Chartered Accountant?

Well, in that case, you need to focus on other 2 sections apart from Mathematics, i.e. Logical Reasoning and Statistics.

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Direct Entry Scheme in CA Course

ICAI has given great relief to graduate and postgraduate students to register directly in CA Intermediate without passing CA Foundation. So, you can start with CA Intermediate after graduation by direct admission scheme, securing minimum marks in graduation which is 55% for commerce students and 60% for non-commerce students.

If you are good in the practical part and love solving questions then only you are advised to pursue CA course otherwise you can pursue other courses in commerce like CS, MBA etc. Where you need to grab the command on the theoretical part.

Chartered Accountants play a major role in business development as they are highly qualified professionals. They are expected to analyze the financial conditions and financial operations of the business and of course suggest ways to resolve the same.

They also act as excellent advisors for investment purposes. Extensive knowledge of finance and stock market. They play with figures in the financial world. In such a situation, if you are hoping that after becoming a CA, you can stay far away from Maths, then it is not possible either.


In this article, we have provided a detailed description of how to become a CA after 12th commerce with or without maths. Importance of Mathematics in Chartered Accountancy Syllabus and how a non-Mathematics student can crack CA Foundation Exam with ease. In addition to the above, guidance has been provided for the theoretically dear students.

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